Kas Mela



After a dozen years in the investment industry, primarily in the hedge fund and private equity spaces, Kas is now applying his experience as a reporting specialist with a strong data mining and manipulation skill set to leading the Ganer + Ganer operations team.  Throughout his career Kas has often been tasked with "finding the needle in the hay stack" and so has geared his continued learning towards analyzing large data sets in order to solve problems and report on a detail or high level. Kas has undergone a number of audits through his career, which shows through in his work product as well as the policies / process flows he has authored over the years.

Professional Passion

Kas loves building.  Whether it be databases, process flows, or automated systems, he's always looking to build something today that will make work easier and more efficient tomorrow.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting, City University of New York - College of Staten Island.



Kas is a proud husband and father that lives for the smiles of his family.  He spends all the time he can with his kids, while they're still kids.


Personal Mission Statement

Get the job done, regardless of what that job may be.